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Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Product details

  • Brand: Vax
  • Catalogue number: 247/8300
  • Manufacturer's number: U90-MA-RE

Vax Support

UK: Eire:
0330 026 8455 18 0092 8308
Mon-Thu: Fri-Sun:
9am to 5pm Closed

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To maintain the effciciency of your vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you clean the filter as often as possible but ideally at least once a month.

Check the contents on the back of the box to make sure the part is included with your vacuum cleaner.

  1. Slide off the locking ring. 
  2. Pivot lower housing and remove clog. 
  3. To re-assemble, ensure that the tabs are engaged and pivot the lower housing closed. 
  4. Slip the locking ring into the groove at the neck of the TurboTool to complete reassembly.
  • If the light continues to flash red after resetting, the brushbar may still be blocked. 
  • Using a pair of scissors, cut through any threads or hairs caught around the brushbar.

To access brushbar: Press the brushbar reset button again to ensure the blockage is fully cleared.

A red flashing light will indicate a jammed brushbar. To reset press the button on the side of your vacuum.
  • It may not be plugged into the electrical outlet correctly. 
  • Ensure that the plug is pushed into the electrical outlet securely. 
  • The electrical outlet may not be working. Check the fuse or breaker and consult an electrician. 
  • The motor thermostat may have tripped. Switch off and unplug the vacuum cleaner. Leave for one hour before switching the vacuum cleaner back on.

How-to videos

  • How to check for blockages

  • Attaching the hose & tools

  • How to clean the filter

  • How to change your plugs fuse

Returns policy

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If your product has developed a fault or you need to return it then please visit our most up to date returns policy here.