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Hoover Vortex TH71VX02 Pets Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Product details

  • Brand: Hoover
  • Catalogue number: 346/2322
  • Manufacturer's number: TH71/VX02001

Hoover Support (Floorcare Only)

UK: Eire:
03330 062965 082 118 200
Mon-Fri: Sat: Sun:
8am to 7pm 9am to 5pm 10am to 4pm

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Replace the bag and clean the filters. 

  • If your machine is not powering up then you could try plugging another appliance into the socket. If this appliance also appears to have no power, there is possibly a problem with the supply at that socket. 
  • Check the socket is switched on and that there is not an isolator switch somewhere in your home which may be switched off or tripped out. If there is an isolator or fuse box, check it is also switched on. Perhaps the main fuse or trip in your distribution box has blown? So check that out. 

If the problem persists you may need a competent electrician to restore the supply. Alternatively try the product in different socket.

If there appears to be no power to the machine then try replacing the fuse. This is found between the pins in the plug top. Hoover recommend you fit a 13 amp rated fuse in the plug of all of our appliances. A quick way to test a fuse, is to try using a fuse from something that is working for you, a kettle or toaster for example and pop it into the plug of the machine that appears to be at fault. Using a small flat blade screwdriver prize the fuse carrier out, take out the fuse and replace it. If the product now starts working then it has simply been a fuse fault, this can happen from time to time. But if the fuse blows more than once then please get in contact with us for further assistance.

If the filters or any hoses or pipes become blocked the product may become noisier than usual. There may be a spluttering noise which is a safety valve operating to protect the cleaner when the air flow is restricted by a blockage. If you feel the product is making more noise than normal remove and clean the dust box and filters, or replace the paper bag (where fitted). Check pipe work/ hoses and the tools to check they are not blocked.

Hoover have fitted a thermal cut out to protect the vacuum cleaner from damage should it overheat. Any restriction of air flow may make the cleaner overheat. In these conditions the thermal cut off will activate and cut the electrical supply. It will then come back on once the cleaner has cooled down, usually after a couple of hours. Simply take the dust box off and empty it. If your product has a bag then fit a new one. Clean all of the filters and try again.

Unplug the vacuum cleaner prior to completing any maintenance tasks Avoid large blockages by not attempting to pick up large objects e.g. coins, buttons, large tissues etc. Avoid vacuuming sharp or pointy objects and flammable items e.g. cigarette ends or matches. Take care not to apply too much pressure to the electrical cord by over stretching it as this can cause the plug to break. Do not unplug the vacuum cleaner using the cord. Do not run over the cord while vacuuming. If the vacuum cleaner makes an unusual sound whilst vacuuming, turn off the appliance and check for any blockages. Avoid vacuuming liquids (unless your vacuum cleaner offers this function) and do not vacuum wet surfaces as this may cause internal damage to your appliance, as well as pose a health risk. Always keep the vacuum cleaner below you when cleaning stairs.

The electrical cord should remain untangled at all times. Tangled and kinked wires can cause problems, especially when an automatic wire recoil function is used. The plug should also be checked for damage as a bent or over-pulled plug can be hazardous due to exposed wiring and other elements. Be careful when using the cleaner not to run over the cord or flex with the moving brushes as damage may occur to the cleaner.

Please ensure there are no blockages and that the dust box has been emptied.

If you feel that some accessories are missing then please check the specification of the product purchased, details of which are listed on your model details section found on the web site. It may be that what you are looking for is not actually included with your purchase. Instruction books are often generic and may cover a wide range of products in the same family. If there is an asterix (*) next to an accessory in the instruction manual it may not be part of the product you have actually purchased.

Empty the dust box & ensure the filters are clean.

Replace the fuse in the plug.

This is static charge polish the product with anti static polish.

Replace the bag and clean the filters

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