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Product details

  • Brand: Shark
  • Catalogue number: 391/0647
  • Manufacturer's number: HV320UKT

Shark Support

UK: Eire:
0800 862 0453 +44 800 862 0453
Mon-Fri: Sat: Sun:
9am to 5:30pm 9am to 7pm 10am to 6:30pm

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Loss of suction is generally due to there either being a blockage. Please ensure you check your product for any foreign objects.

Any deteriation of performance is generally averted by regularly cleaning the filter. If your product has a filter, please refer to your instructions for guidance on how to clean.

Questions & answers

How-to videos

  • How to clean the filter

  • How to change your plugs fuse

Returns policy

If you need advice about your product, please in the first instance contact the support provider using the number on this support page.

If your product has developed a fault or you need to return it then please visit our most up to date returns policy here.