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Product details

  • Brand: Humax
  • Catalogue number: 532/3256
  • Manufacturer's number: HDR1000S

Humax Support

0344 318 8800
Mon-Fri: Sat: Sun:
9am to 5:30pm 10am to 4pm 11am to 3pm

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Yes, the Humax 1000S has a twin tuner that lets you record one channel and watch another at the same time or record two channels and watch a previous recording.
No, The Humax will work without it being connected to the internet however none of the catch-up apps will work.

Please watch the below video which will guide you through a simple process.  All you will need is a smart phone with a camera and of course your remote control!

The Humax has 300 hours of SD recording and 125 hours of HD recording.
1.       Press the Home button on the remote.
2.       Scroll to Settings and press OK.
3.       Scroll to System Info and press OK.
4.       Press the coloured buttons in the following order
          Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow and Blue (this brings up a hidden menu).
5.       Scroll to Reset PIN and press OK.
6.       PIN is now reset to 0000.

Unfortunately the Humax 1000S is not SAORVIEW approved.
Currently the Humax has BBC iPlayer, BBC news, BBC sport, YouTube, Picasa as standard installed apps. More apps will periodically be added by Humax via updates.

Please click here to see the most up to date list of channels available in your area

Unfortunately some programs overrun which mean all the programs get pushed back consequently recordings will possibly have pieces missing from them.

How-to videos

  • How To Install

  • Humax Specification

  • How to connect your satelite dish

Returns policy

If you need advice about your product, please in the first instance contact the support provider using the number on this support page.

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