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Spear & Jackson 41cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower - 125cc

Product details

  • Brand: Spear & Jackson
  • Catalogue number: 736/1663
  • Manufacturer's number: S12541PSP

Spear & Jackson

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0345 605 2067 +44 345 605 2067
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You can use E10 with your appliance but we advise taking caution with fuel as you would with any petrol powered device. E10 fuel contains 10% bio-ethanol, more than its predecessor. This essentially means it has a higher risk of attracting more water and moisture than E5. 

We recommend the following to best maintain your appliance:

  • Only use the required amount of petrol and avoid any overfilling.
  • Completely drain any excess petrol by using the appliance until it physically stops.
  • Store any extra fuel in an airtight can and keep out of direct sunlight.

How-to videos

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