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Vax U85-AS-Pme Air Stretch Max Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner
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Product details

  • Brand: Vax
  • Catalogue number: 810/9817
  • Manufacturer's number: U85-AS-PME

Vax Support

UK: Eire:
0330 026 8455 18 0092 8308
Mon-Thu: Fri-Sun:
9am to 5pm Closed

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Switch the machine off and unplug from the wall socket.

Lie the machine on its front.

Cut any hair from around the brushbar.

Pull to remove any debris.

Remove the hose from the base.

Remove the dirt container.

Drop a ball of paper down the top of the hose. If it gets stuck there is a blockage that needs to be removed.

Remove the dirt container.

Remove the filter cover.

Lift the filter from the machine.

Check for discolouration.

Remove the dirt container.

Turn the lid anti-clockwise to remove.

Remove the pre-motor filter.

Tap the filter against the side of a bin.

Rinse filter under the tap (no detergent).

Allow 24 hours to air dry.

Remove the dirt container.

Release dirt from the dirt container.

Remove the dust separator.

Use a soft brush to remove any debris.

Is it a whistling noise?

Remove the dirt container, open the bottom and clean all seals.

Replace the dirt container and retry.

Noise still present?

Is there air sucking through the vent at the top of the dirt container?

This indicates a blockage

Go to 'My vacuum has no suction' for instructions on how to clear

Have you checked the suction from the motor?

Remove the dirt container and switch the machine on.

Place your hand over the hole located on the top right hand side of the machine, this is where the lid of the dirt container is normally attached to.

If the suction is strong, go to 'Have you cleaned the filters?'

Have you checked the base for a blockage?

Remove belt cover, remove brushbar and clear any debris from around the brushbar itself.

Push through a wire coat hanger (or something similar) from the back of the machine towards the brushes to remove the obstruction.

Have you cleaned the filters?

Remove dirt container

Remove the lid and lift the filter out of the top of the dirt container, tap to get all of the dust off.

Rinse the filter under the tap (max 40 degrees, no detergent) allow at least 24 hours for it to fully air dry before placing back in the machine.

Remove the separator from the dirt container.

Inspect the holes for blockages and clear debris.

No improvement?

Go to 'Have you checked the hose?'

Have you checked the hose?

Remove hose from the base of the machine and remove the dirt container.

Drop a small ball of paper down the top of the hose, this is where the hose meets the dirt container.

Is the paper stuck?


There is a blockage and this will need to be removed.


Complete a visual check of the hose.

Are there any splits/tears on the hose?


A replacement hose is required, go to 'Spares' tab above.


Go to 'Have you checked the base for a blockage?'

Is there no light on the base?

Recline the handle on the machine and switch the machine on.

Press the brushbar on/off button on the machine.

The brushbar should now be turning.

Is the green light on but the brushbar not turning?

Due to the speed of the brushbar, it is sometimes difficult to establish if it is turning.

Recline the handle on the machine and switch the machine on.

Whilst looking at the brushbar itself, switch the brushbar on/off button on and off a few times.

You should see and hear the brushes stopping and starting.

Is there a red light on the base?

Something has obstructed the brush bar. Remove belt cover, remove brushbar and clear any debris from around the brushbar itself

Is the belt broken?


A replacement belt is required.


Re-assemble the brushbar, replace belt cover and stand the machine in the upright position.

Recline the handle, and press the power button to switch the machine back on.

The green light should now display and the brushes should be turning.

If no light is on the base, press the brushbar on/off button to activate the brushes.

The green light should now appear and the brushes should now be turning.

Has the machine cut out whilst in use?

The machine is equipped with a safety thermal cut out, which is designed to activate if the air cannot flow through the machine as it should. Allow 24 hours for the machine to cool down thoroughly, in the meantime go to 'No suction' for advice on how to clear the blockage.

Has the machine been without power for over 24 hours?

Have you changed the fuse? If not, please replace the fuse in the plug with another 13 amp fuse.

Fuse changed and still no power?

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How-to videos

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