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Reebok Jet 100 Treadmill
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Product details

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Catalogue number: 826/3818
  • Manufacturer's number: REEBOK JET 100 TMILL

Reebok Support

0800 440 2459
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Yes; if the belt is sticking or jumping then you need to adjust the belt tension. There is full guidance on this in your instruction manual.
If this does not cure the problem the running belt may require lubrication – please see the maintenance section (again within your manual).

Yes; it is essential you lubricate the running deck of your treadmill periodically to reduce strain on the motor. Your treadmill will have been supplied with a bottle of Silicone oil lubricant. You will need to put 3-5ml of silicone oil between the deck and the underside of the running belt approximately every two months. Please see detailed guidance on completing this in the instruction manual. You also need to complete belt tension checks to ensure the treadmill is working as intended.

In the same way you can adjust the belt tension, you can also adjust the belt position so it runs in the centre of the running deck. In all cases, there should be a slight gap between the treadmill side rail and the edge of the running belt. For directions on how to change the belt position, please see the specific guidance in the instruction manual.

Please ensure the power lead is securely connected to the treadmill; some power leads are detachable. You must also connect the safety key in order for the machine to power up. The safety key is a red magnet which attaches just below the console. The machine won’t run unless the safety key is connected.

Returns policy

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